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Another Challenge
Merlin Eye
Well here goes nothing:

1. Put Your iTunes (or iPod) on shuffle

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer


Challenge accepted!Collapse )

Well there is some really crazy stuff but also some thing that are very much true, f.e. the sound violence indeed does make me cry!

This was fun! Thanks cuzimbored!

30 Day Music Challenge
Merlin Eye

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30 Day Music Challenge Day 30
Merlin Eye
DAY 30 - the last song you heard/listened too:

huh. The last song. Well the last song in my playlist is a song that has been in my playlist for awhile now. I know that is pretty sad but it is my absolute favorite at the moment! I always stop for a moment when I hear it and close my eyes to really listen to this song. It just pretty much is me right now.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 29
Merlin Eye
DAY 29 - a theme tune or song that sends shivers down your spine:

Mh I should have read this entire challenge before I started posting but I wanted to do it day to day without spoiling me. Now my problem is that I already posted most of the songs that would be fitting this day.

But as I said I posted most of them, not all of them.

This song, I love it. I mean it does send shivers down my spine, but I think that has mostly to do with sound of the singers voice. That voice gets me, don't ask me why. So even through I mostly just like how it sounds, I also really love the lyrics for the chorus. Because honestly it is so true, we do make live complicated.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 28
Merlin Eye
DAY 28 - your best mash up:

Ok so I have to admit, that as soon as I hear or read mash up I think of glee. Because halleluja I love glee. Not every song they did, but loads. And I really really fell in love with their first mash up. At least the first on I reconized as a mash up!

30 Day Music Challenge Day 27
Merlin Eye
DAY 27 - a song that you bought that was released by a pop star/tv character:

Ok so I am not sure if my interpret can count as a pop star but I am gonna threat her as such. I was actually surprised when she did release her new mix tape (which as of now was quite some time ago). I liked her earlier stuff but I was also pleasently surprised about this song, even if the video did disturbed me, I still like to listen to this song, hence the reason I bought it.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 26
Merlin Eye
DAY 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument or would like to play on a instrument.

Since I am totally not able to play an instrument I am going to go with the first option. I would love to play the following song on a piano. I really like this one. It touches me, and that despite the fact that usually I am not a fan of classics. But this song and 'Für Elise' are just really really good pieces of music. I love them.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 25
Merlin Eye
DAY 25 - a song that made you laugh when you first saw the video:

ok confession, I absoluty do not watch music videos. the last video I watched where all because of this challange and not before. I love music I love listening to it but I do not watch the videos. mostly because I do think that the video doesn't match the song or something like that.

that is why you get another substitute from me. But at least this time I give you a song that always makes me smile. I have this in my playlist and everytime it comes up I just sit there and smile like a loony, because I love the serie and it always makes me laugh.

30 Day Music Challenge Day 24
Merlin Eye
DAY 24 - a song that you would like played at your funeral:

Well I have been thinking about this a lot. An for a long time too, like before the challange and I came to the following conclusion:

first: it isn't common in germany to have a song played at a funeral. well at least it isn't in my familiy.
second: I have attended four funerals that I remember, and they all were really really sad even without music

But I have to chose right. There is this one song that my sister played often when she was learning the flute. I really really liked it. I am just not sure it is appropiate for a funeral. but here goes nothing:

30 Day Music Challenge Day 23
Merlin Eye
DAY 23 - a song that just makes you think 'oh dear':

well some people might really hate me for that, but there is this song where I really think oh dear. it isn't that I do not like the song, I am actually quite indifferent toward this song. it is just the fans of the singer that make me all go Oh Dear! as demonstrated in this viedo.