30 Day Music Challenge Day 22
Merlin Eye
DAY 22 - a song thats a real inspiration:

Oh this day. Well it isn't all that easy for me to be inspired by a song, so yeah there aren't that much song who can inspire me. One song I already did use (Return to Innocent). But there is this other song, that I love and whose story is just really great. I always get thoughtfull when it comes up on my shuffle. So here enjoy:


30 Day Music Challenge Day 23
Merlin Eye
DAY 23 - a song that just makes you think 'oh dear':

well some people might really hate me for that, but there is this song where I really think oh dear. it isn't that I do not like the song, I am actually quite indifferent toward this song. it is just the fans of the singer that make me all go Oh Dear! as demonstrated in this viedo. 



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